Wednesday, April 25, 2018

April in Colour

It has been a cool and damp month so far. I was in Toronto for a Saturday lunch date midtown with a woman I met on Ok Cupid, she was smart, nice but not a match, a story for another time. I made a day of it and did some photography both downtown and up in Rosedale.

The camera of choice was my Canon Populaire, the P, a 35mm Leica Screw Mount rangefinder from the late 1950s. I bought it off fellow Classic Camera Revival host John Meadows. I sold the Canon Serenar lens back to him and then went on the hunt for a younger mid to late 1960s Canon 50 f1.8 lens. This was my first time shooting this piece of glass and I shot colour film, in this case from my stash of expired Kodak Max 400.

The Canon 50 f1.8 LTM lens loves colour film. The skies were a mix of sun and cloud, very changable. This is a killer combination of lens, camera and film, if anoyone is in the market for a budget 35mm rangefinder and don't want to go with a former Soviet camera, give the Canon P a look.

Ok, I know you want to know why the date went nowhere, she wasn't into winter, I ski every weekend, it's a big thing for me, as much as photography. So there you have it.

Camera: Canon P (Populaire), Canon 50 f1.8 LTM lens.
Film: Kodak Max 400.

514 at Yonge and Queen

Mixture of Vintage and Modern at Yonge and Richmond

Saturday Walk on Yonge St

Walking Past Dineen Coffee Co

Deloitte Patio _

Middle of Yonge St

How Much for the Keg in the Window?_

Monday, April 23, 2018

Square Crop Toronto

I need to shoot medium format more often. It hasn't been much of a spring here in Toronto so far, I ran with Kodak Tri-X pushed to 1600 to deal with the gloomy lighting. That said, sometimes shooting in the rain is great for the photos you do get.

Now I love shooting inside Brookfield Place and the walkway between Saks Fifth Avenue and The Eaton Centre. I shot it last fall on pushed Tri-x in 35mm, of course I had to re-shoot in 120 and it sings.

Camera: Rolleicord Vb, 75 f3.5 Schneider Xenar Lens.
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to 1600, processed in Xtol stock.

Along the Great Walkway

Late Afternoon York St. Before the Rush

Union Station Rain Shelter One

Raining in Front of Union Station

Rain Dance at York St

Brookfield Place on Saturday

Between Saks and the Eaton Centre Going North

Friday, April 20, 2018

Hasselblad 500 C/M Kit for Trade For a Rolleiflex Series 2.8 D,E, or F Planar or Xenotar TLR

My Hasselblad kit

My Hasselblad kit

I own a Hasselblad 500 C/M kit, it’s a lovely camera, but I’m just not using it. If I need interchangeable lenses, my Mamiya C220f kit fills that role easily. I am however a Rolleiflex fan being the proud owner of a Series E 3.5 planar and know my way around that camera instinctively. 

Before we go any further, here’s what I have: 

My Hasselblad kit

One Hasselblad 500 C/M body with waist level finder. 
Three A-12 Backs in user condition. 
One 220 back in what KEH would consider cosmetically ugly. 
One 80 f2.8 Zeiss planar lens C series that takes a Bay 50 hood, there’s an issue with the lens mechanically, optically it is in great shape. Most likely a spring inside is gone, Toronto area Hasselblad guru Joe Vierra can look after this. 
One 150 f4 Zeiss Sonnar lens in great shape optically and mechanically. 
One eye level finder. 
One rapid release baseplate for tripods. 
Bay 50 lens hoods for the 80 f2.8 and 150 F4 lenses. 
One step up ring so you can mount regular lens filters on your Bay 50 lenses. 

My Hasselblad kit

My Hasselblad kit

My Hasselblad kit

My Hasselblad kit

I would like to trade the above, as is, for  Rolleiflex (D, E or F series) with the 80 f2.8 Zeiss Planar or Schneider Xenotar lens in working condition and with great optics and any accessories that come with it like a Bay III hood, lens cap and any Rolleinars. 

For obvious reasons I would like to do this trade in person, namely, Hasselblad kits weigh a ton and shipping costs will be steep. I am happy to drive to either to London Ontario or as far east as Bellville to conduct this trade over coffee. 

If you are interested, please contact me through the blog or via Facebook. 

My Hasselblad kit

Sample Images from the 80 f2.8 Planar before it malfunctioned: 

Building Curves

Ice Covered

Rolling Into Town

Mike Streeter Take Two

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Late March 2018 in the Beaches.

I love my new to me Minolta XD-11, that is all.

Camera: Minolta XD-11, MC Rokkor lenses.
Film: Rollei RPX 400, HC110 B.

Lifeguard Hut Behind the Fence_

Kew Beach Shelter_

Pair of Seats Near the Water

Balmy Beach VIP Seating_

The Goof In Spring_

Stately Fourplex

Beacher Cafe Midweek_

Beach Fire Station in March

501 at Woodbine

Monday, April 16, 2018

Beaches Late March Part One

I got a chance to walk around in the Beaches a few weeks ago mid week, and a chance to test drive my new to me Minolta XD-11 (fabulous camera). Winter hasn't been kind to the neighbourhood. I noticed the neighbourhood stalwart Whitlocks closed, story goes it changed hands two years ago but the new owners didn't have a collective head for the restaraunt business. There are lots of empty storefronts courtesy some greedy local landlords and high municipal taxes, and in this part of the world, that's not going to change in the near future.

Camera: Minolta XD-11, MC Rokkor lenses.
Film: Rollei RPX 400, HC110 B.

Mid Week Dog Walk

Beaches Side Walk

1966 and a half

Closed Whitlocks

Beaches Cottage_

Alone Between Two Trees_

Benches and almost empty Boardwalk

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Camera: Minolta XD-11 and The Beaches Art Instalation

I always wanted a Minolta XD-11, this camera was part of the great engineering partnership between Minolta and Leica. If you look carefully, you can see the basic layout for the Leica R4, R5, R6 and R7. For longtime readers you know I borrowed my brother's Leica R4 and lenses, the XD-11 feels the exact same way in your hands. In fact some Minolta lenses were also used as Leica R lenses. The mount is different. What's sad is Leica R bodies are going for a song these days because everyone wants the R lenses on their full frame cameras.

Getting back to the XD-11, it is a very intuitive camera to use if you know your way around Minolta. My lens kit is mostly MC Rokkor, and since I'm not a shutter priority kind of guy, no big deal. Size wise, this camera is around the same size and weight of Nikon FM/FE having a just right feeling in our hands.

As you can see, I got the black one courtesy Burlington Camera, now I hope a chrome one crosses their path at some point.

I usually shoot the Beaches art installations over March Break, I wasn't house and dog sitting in the Beaches this year so I took a day off mid week and went into Toronto to photograph them before the end of March. One thing I did notice, all the installations were located at Woodbine Beach, further east construction crews were installing anti flooding measures around the lifeguard station and the boardwalk.

Camera: Minolta XD-11, MC Rokkor 50 f1.7 lens, MC Rokkor X- 28 f2.8 lens.
Film: Rollei RPX 400.

My new to me Minolta XD-11

Beach Installation #1

Beach Installation #2

Beach Installation #2 Pinwheels_

Beach Installation #3 Maze by the Water

Beach Installation #4 Nest

Beach installation #4 Weave

Beach Piano

Beach installation #5 Horn

Beach installation #5 in the Background